Christmas Cards 2021


Christmas Designs printed on recycled paper.


This year’s (2021) Christmas cards are kept in the same style. By using water color, ink and color pencils the cute illustrations appear in a different style compared to previous illustrations. You can select between different Christmas cards. Send some love to friends and family with these cute Christmas cards.

The cards are printed on recycled paper. Therefore some unregularities in the paper might appear and gives an uniqueness to every card.

Gewicht 8 g
Afmetingen 10 × 15 cm

Highland cattle, Dog with Christmas ornaments, Dino, Angel, Pheasant, Goose, Hare, Merry-go-round horse, Emperor penguin, Kittens with a Christmas tree, Christmas time, Furry Christmas, Mouse on pine cone, Mouse with star, Octopus, Rockhopper penguin with gloves, Polar bear, Puffin, Reindeer, Rockhopper penguin, Tortoise, Snail, Candle, Melting snowman, Snowman


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