Schuleinführung 2022


School collection printed on recycled paper.


A new beginning, a new adventure – something unknown is awaiting every child. Children are looking at this world full with excitement and curiosity. They turn around stones, climb up trees, daydreaming and joyfully playing around and learning in small steps. With this cards you can wish those kid a wonderful time full of joy, new discoveries about themselves whereby they will grow and find themselves. The “Zuckertüte” which is painted on all those cards is a German tradition for children who are starting with school.

Click through the different designs of this collection and if you find something use the drop down menu to choose.



Gewicht 5 g
Afmetingen 14.8 × 10.5 × 0.03 cm

Zuckerhut Nr 1, Zuckerhut Nr 2, Zuckerhut Nr 3, Zuckerhut Nr 4, Zuckerhut Nr 5, Zuckerhut Nr 6, Zuckerhut Nr 7, Zuckerhut Nr 8, Zuckerhut Nr 9, Drache Nr. 1, Drache Nr. 2, Drache Nr. 3, Drache Nr. 4, Drache Nr. 5, Drache Nr. 6, Drache Nr. 7, Drache Nr. 8, Drache Nr. 9, Mice, Mice with text, Honey Bee, Honey Bee with text, Fox, Fox with text, Mole, Mole with text, Lion, Lion with text, Dino, Dino with text


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