Saying good bye is the hardest thing there is outlet heart breaks. It would be great if we would not need such cards if we would not have to go through such unbearable pain. Unfortunately saying goodbye is something what is part of our lives. But all the memories are shining in our hearts, in our eyes, in every tear full of love and through every star on the night sky and every sunlight.

Write some comforting words to someone who is in need of comfort and is feeling alone – let them not be alone. Have open ears, Open arms, a shoulder to lean on and lots of patience, give space but be there if you are needed.

Gewicht 5 g
Afmetingen 14.8 × 10.5 × 0.03 cm

New Home, Abschied, Star of my heart, Shine bright – little Star, You took my heart to the moon, Always in my heart


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